Olivia Talbot was shot when she was 5 months pregnant with her little boy, Lane Jr.

Lane Jr. was specifically targeted in the attack. Their killer stated during the trial that, ““I intentionally aimed the gun and shot her three times in the stomach to kill the baby.”

He was sentenced to 25 years without a chance for “full” parole. This is a standard first degree murder charge. In no way was Olivia’s pregnancy, or Lane Jr. considered an “aggravating circumstance” during sentencing.

In 2008 Mary Talbot, Olivia’s mother went on to fight for our government to protect pregnant women and recognize pre-born children like her grandson Lane Jr. as victims of these crimes against their mothers. Bill C 484 made it through the first vote so it could be discussed in committee, but it never got further because an election was called.

Mary Talbot now supports Molly Matters and Cassie and Molly’s Law.

Recently, links to news stories pertaining to Mary Talbot’s fight to have her grandson recognized as a victim of crime have been removed from the internet. These sites include stories in the National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, and Canada.com. All of the sites in question are owned by Post Media.

Molly Matters is working to replace this missing information and trying to find out why it was removed in the first place.

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