Below are the names and the faces of murdered pregnant women in Canada.

In Canada it IS NOT a punishable offence to kill a woman’s pre-born child during the commission of a violent act against her.

One thing is certain – the women on this list did not die alone.

This list continues to grow. Links to further information can be accessed by clicking on their name.

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Murdered Pregnant women of Canada


Abigail Andrews

Alicia Boone

Amanda Power

Anna Grandine

Anne Marie Soodeen

Antoinette Daniels

Arianna Goberdhan

Asyun Sesen

Candice Rochelle Bobb

Cassandra Kaake

Cari Lynn Gaulton

Carolyn Sinclair

Cecilia Larez

Cheri-Lynn Smith

Cheryl Bau-Tremblay

Cheryl Hohner

Christa Cachene

CJ Fowler

Crystal Wright

Cynthia French

Dawn Stewart

Dianna Veronica Singh

Donna Oglive

Elham Dashti

Hemoutie Raghunauth

Jane Johnson

Joanne  Hoeppner

Julianne Courneya

Karen Rainey

Kathleen Hart

Kelly Morrisseau 

Kera Jane Freeland

Kimber Leanne Lucas

Leonora Holtam

Liana White

Linda King

Lisa Reimer Maas

Loretta Saunders

Madison Blossom McKay

Magdalena Labossiere

Manjit Panghali

Manon Bordeau

Marie-Josee Sills

Maw Maw Htoo

Maxine Johnson

Melinda Sheppit

Melody Lopez

Navreet Waraich

Nyibol Choul

Olivia Talbot

Poonam Litt

Precious Charbonneau

Rori Hache

Roxanne Fernando

Rejina Kendy

Russia Katalina Nicholson

Sandra Quigley

Shannon Raylene Deschamps

Sheila Henry

Sonya Mae Cywink

Stephanie Isabelle Beck

Stephanie Thomas

Susan Joy Hornbeck

Sylvia Ann Guiboche

Tami Dean Tracy

Tasha Lynn Rosetta

Tashina General

Teena Lino Romero

Tina Fontaine

Therese Melanson

Valerie Stevens

Vanessa Kristine  Sismar

Veronica Carney

Veronica “Ronnie” Cropp

Wendy Poole

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