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They walked out on her because she supported Cassie and Molly’s law. It’s pretty much as simple as that.

Rachel Harder stood up for Cassie. She stood up to say it is wrong for Canadian law to continue to disregard a woman’s choice in the charges against people who murder pregnant woman. The killer should be held accountable for the reality of the crime – both lives. That’s what she believes. I do too.

It’s what the majority of pro-choice Canadians believe.

But the ones who walked out when she was democratically nominated to the House Status of Women Committee on Tuesday believe otherwise.

They believe that to do anything at all about this void in law is to be directly against abortion, and therefore, they protested Harder’s nomination to the chair.

They maintain the false narrative that to hold a murderer accountable for a woman’s unborn child would jeopardize a woman’s right to a choice in the first place. I refer to this as a “false” narrative because it is objectively untrue. One doesn’t have to look far to see that such a law can exist at the same time and in the same place where legal abortions exist. As a matter of fact, almost every other democratic country in the civilized world has some way of addressing this injustice written into their laws.

Don’t take my word – Google it.

Canada is very different in this regard – and not in a good way.

How many of the ones that walked out were mothers?

Yesterday, in their act of protest, Liberal and NDP MP’s made it a point to showcase their belief that there is no substantial difference between a woman choosing to terminate her own pregnancy and when a violent criminal makes that choice for her.

They see no value in protecting a woman’s choice to carry her child safely to term, and do not support a law to hold those accountable for terminating a pregnancy while committing a crime against a woman. They’ve made that perfectly clear.

It’s a strange thing that “diversity” – a heavily touted Liberal slogan – can be abandoned when it threatens to pull their extreme left way of thinking closer to the center. Especially considering it can be shown that it is exactly the center that represents the greatest number of Canadians.

When a man murders a pregnant woman, whether it is her husband or a stranger on the street, it is not an abortion. It is a crime. To deny that is no different than saying all rape is consensual sex.

Yet that is essentially what they are saying – and for that, they oppose MP Harder’s leadership role – even to the point that they will get up and walk out in protest.

When they walked out on her, they walked out on the rights of victims of crime, they walked out on diversity and balance, and they walked out on justice. But what is most upsetting for me is that they walked out on my family, on Cassie and Molly, on Arianna Goberdhan and Asaara, on Olivia Talbot and Lane Jr., and so many other Canadian women  – but that won’t be mentioned by the mainstream media, will it?

To MP Rachel Harder:

I want you to know that we stand behind you just as you did for us – our families, our friends, and our community. You stood up for Cassie’s motherhood when they would not. You stood up for justice.
They do not have your integrity. Only when the government can offer to represent EVERY woman and girl will there be equality. You are vital part of that success.
Be strong. Don’t let the bullies bring you down.

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