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By Amanda Barr

Ok – So I don’t understand all the political jibber jabber and constitutions and laws, blah, blah, blah and maybe I don’t make sense but…

As an expecting mom in her 7th month, I feel my daughter kick and squirm, her heart beats and she is real. I love her and protect her the same way I do my other 3 kids. She is a human and another life.

In the first few months, the baby is only considered to be a “fetus” nothing more than a blob, and by rights, woman have the choice to terminate. Also, in these first stages, the “fetus” does not need to be buried or even given a second glance. Is it the same for miscarriage? The “fetus” is simply tossed away or whatever happens, I don’t truly know.

I am conflicted as to how Molly didn’t matter because if she were to be miscarried or still born – still by no choice of her parents – a proper ceremony and burial would be expected, yes?

I guess my question is, Molly was a choice and surpassed the timelines that differentiate between “fetus” and “baby” but is still not considered to have rights of her own?

Not even rights extended somehow through her parent’s rights who chose her?

I’m crying for her. It feels more real because I am pregnant. I can literally put myself in her shoes.

Putting aside what Cassie went through and lost, Molly had a dad. He lost his daughter by no fault of his own or by any choice. Her room was probably decorated and her clothing ready to be worn. It sickens me.

Not just a viable pregnancy but a wanted and much anticipated arrival for a new mom, a new dad, siblings and grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends. It’s the right of not just the Mom’s but the dads too.

I was 29 weeks in this photo. I am now 31 weeks pregnant.  The same as Cassie and Molly when they were killed.

Sisterly Love - By 31 Weeks Pregnant Amanda Barr

Sisterly Love – By 31 Weeks Pregnant Amanda Barr

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