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“Colorado woman sentenced to 100 years for cutting fetus from stranger’s womb”
– The Associated Press 04.29.2016


In Colorado – one of the handful of American States without a fetal homicide law – the woman who cut the unborn baby from the pregnant belly of a another woman  with the intention to steal the baby, but ultimately killing it in the process – received 100 year prison term. Mother lived, baby died.

In Canada the same crime would not be more than an aggravated assault against the pregnant woman which would result in at most a handful of years for the perpetrator of such a crime. 14 years max.

Regardless of life – regardless of a woman’s choice to be a mother – regardless of the reality of such an unimaginable violent act – Canada continues to be impotent in dealing with such crimes against women..

The fact is, to appropriately deal with and deter such a crime does not require a country to have a “fetal homicide” law like the ones extremist Joyce Arthur says we must not have – but it DOES need a justice system that is not willfully blind to such a natural truth of a mother and her unborn baby. And Canada, as of today, is not that country.

Cassie and Molly’s Law – the law that will be debated on Monday, May 2nd in the House of Commons – is NOT a fetal homicide law. It is simply a way to pry the eyes of Canadian justice open enough to not let such a disgusting crime go ignored.

How can anyone tolerate such a judicially feeble Canada? What will it take for people to wake up to this injustice? Similar circumstances happening to their own loved ones? When will the choice of a woman and the interest of her family be respected?

When will she be protected with law?

When will those capable of such crimes be held accountable in this country?

Please stand up for these women and their children.

Sign the petition.

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2 thoughts on “100 Years for Cutting the baby out of a pregnant woman in the U.S. – Canadian Law is Absolutely Shameful in Comparison

  1. Jeff Durham says:

    No one is saying – at least not me – that any unborn baby is “more important” than any other…
    But in Canada abortion is an established legal option to a woman who becomes pregnant. Molly Matters is not meant to argue the merits or ideology of that…
    What we are saying is that it should be a crime to kill an unborn baby against the will of a woman.
    Regardless of anyone’s notions about abortion – a violent crime against a pregnant woman and her child should be punishable offence in the Canadian Justice system. It is not.
    A judge can “choose” (during sentencing) to include (or not) this aspect of the crime…
    This should NOT be a judges choice! If anyone – it should only belong to the pregnant women. It does not!
    Regardless of anyone’s ideology about abortion it should be a crime to kill an unborn baby against a mother’s will. Again – In Canada it is not!!!
    We are not talking about abortion here – we are talking about when pregnant women are killed, and with them their unborn babies and how the people who commit these crimes against life and against choice are not held accountable for either.

  2. Tracy says:

    Okay here is my take. I agree with passing the law for Molly Matters but y is the unborn baby of a woman who was killed or injured by someone else more important than the baby of a woman who is too selfish to keep her pregnancy and at least give her baby up. Why is killing her baby not murder

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