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Honourable Member of Parliament:

My daughter Cassandra Kaake and my granddaughter Molly were murdered.

Cassie was a victim of a violent crime while she was seven months pregnant.  The monster that took my daughter and my granddaughter will only be made to answer for one of those lives.   Molly is insignificant to our law – simply a medical condition.  She was not insignificant to Cassie or to us – her family, her friends.  The law, as it is in Canada, is truly insufficient.

Cassie chose to have her baby, to deliver her into this world and love her and teach her right from wrong, to give her the tools to become a loving and caring person.  She CHOSE to love Molly from the very beginning.  From the beginning she was a mom.  She talked to her, she played music for her.

She introduced her to her Gramma.  Molly responded to Cassie’s voice, her laughter, her touch.  Molly knew me. She responded to me when i spoke to her.  I would lay my head on Cassie’s baby belly and say, “Morning baby girl, Gramma loves you.”

Molly would roll or kick under my head or my hand.  If you have ever felt your daughter’s baby move and respond to you, you know that child growing has personality, has a mind of her own already.

This is NOT about threatening a woman’s right – this IS about protecting it where there is NO PROTECTION. Please understand that.

If women choose to become pregnant and choose to carry their baby to full term, there should be laws protecting THEM – laws that consider the true reality of their situation.  It should prosecute any evildoer that takes BOTH their lives!  It should be a woman’s right to choose – like we once thought it was in Canada.

I sit in court listening to evidence that is supposed to serve justice to the person accused of murdering my daughter Cassie.  I sit there knowing that two of my family members were taken that day.  I sit there knowing that justice for one will be overlooked. No one will be punished for taking Molly.  It is so wrong.  She was my baby girl! Molly was HER baby girl!

Molly WAS Cassie’s choice.  There should be a law protecting her choice.  Her choice was brutally taken away. Someone is responsible for that.  How could no one suffer for that?  How could someone get away with such a crime? But they WILL! And all we can do is sit and watch!?

MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT… PLEASE … HOLD SUCH CRIMINALS ACCOUNTABLE for the TRUTH of such CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN.   Cassie and Molly were BY FAR not the first – nor is it likely they will be the last – but we can make damn sure that these murderers are HELD ACCOUNTABLE and punished, severely – for the truth and the consequence of their action.

We suffer severely in the face of our countries disregard for Cassie’s right as a woman and Molly’s potential as a human child.

Please see Cassie and Molly’s Law for what it truly is. It is not good enough to continue to do nothing.


Nancy Kaake (Molly’s Gramma and Cassie’s Mother)

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