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Update to Feb 11 post: Will Cassie’s Choice Matter the her MP’s?

Cassie’s mother and I feel very positive about our meeting with the three local Members of Parliament.  They were all very sensitive and human and seemed understanding of our position. They acknowledged that this is an issue that must be dealt with. Most importantly, they were willing to listen and offer some guidance and insight into the processes of government.

They were in agreement that this is an issue that transcends any political parties’ platform and that it must be regarded outside of any debate about abortion.

It was very encouraging to find out first hand that they themselves are able to differentiate Molly Matters from either a “pro-life” or “pro-choice” initiative, and that it deserves the attention of our Canadian Parliament.

They will each table the petitions that they received and will be waiting along with us for the response from our Justice Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould.

One of our questions was – if it was the concern of any party that such a law could be regarded as some sort of  “trick” of furthering a “pro-life” agenda, would it not be in the best interest of woman’s rights to spearhead the creation of a bill themselves so as to oversee first hand that it was not? To do so might dispel any of the conventional myths that seem to be abundant when trying to have this legal void acknowledged.

The response wasn’t entirely clear to me and we were running out of time – but as far as I understood, it would be dependent on the Justice Ministers response to the petitions.

Ultimately, I do have hope that both Molly and Cassie matter to Cheryl Hardcastle, Brian Masse, and Tracy Ramsey.  This is an issue of violence against women, and at a time when they need the most protection, it isn’t there. They get that.

Thank you to the three of them for their patience, empathy, and willingness to see this for what it really is. It is an important place to start.

Proud Mother


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