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Molly Matters Protest – January 28th, 2016

On Januray 28th 2016 the preliminary trial will begin for the individual accused of the murder of Cassie Kaake. Completely unrepresented in the charges is the life of our daughter Molly who was murdered along with her mother.

On this day we will be staging a protest outside the Ontario Court of Justice on Chatham St. East across from Charles Clark Square. It will begin at 10:00 AM.

For those that believe the murder of an unborn baby by a violent criminal is something our judicial system should not be blind to…

For those that believe that the choice of a woman to become a mother is something our judicial system should not be blind to…

Or for those that believe both, please join me on this day.

I will be there to demand justice for both Cassie’s choice, and our daughter Molly’s life.

For far too long the ones capable of such crimes against pregnant woman have got a pass. While we let ourselves be distracted from the horror of a reality willfully created by such social deviants, they remain allowed to sneak out the back doors of justice. Never to be held accountable for the reality of their crime.

The time has come that we seal those doors so the truth of their deplorable crimes against life can be seen – and punished – by the law.

A baby was murdered in cold blood against the will of her mother and in Canada there is not one single law that says, “This is wrong.”

As a matter of fact, the way the law is, it is more advantageous for such a murderer to ensure the baby dies as a result of a violent crime against a mother.


This is NOT just a local issue! If you aren’t in Windsor but wish to stand up and demand such terrible crimes are not ignored by our law, I encourage you to consider protesting outside of a Court of Justice nearest to you.

For information please contact us at:

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