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Abandoned in a field with his mouth taped shut and paws bound, a dog was found left for dead.

Who could possibly do such a thing to a helpless little living creature?

Who among us can be so heartless and terrible?

The media tells us that a suspect has been taken in for this crime. Rightfully so, the public outcry is abundant and loud and demanding of justice.

Just over a year ago my daughter was found dead with her mother. Unlike the dog Justice, it was too late when they found her. Her killer made sure of it.

Who could possibly do such a thing to a innocent little living creature?

Who among us can be so heartless and terrible?

When the media told us that a suspect had been taken in, they also said there would be no charges laid for her death – A perfectly helpless little living creature.

For her there was a public outcry but it wasn’t the same. For her, somehow it was not as simple. Instead of a cry for justice it became a political debate. Somehow, for many, it was more important to argue that she should not have justice.

Today, for my little girl, it remains the same. I beg and plead. I try to draw attention to the contradictions of people and our systems in the hopes that she can have justice too one day.

But for her, unlike the dog, the cry for justice has been dampened and diverted into smaller arguments of this or that. The collective demand has not been the same as it has been for this poor little dog.

I wonder how the public would respond if the police said there would be no charges pressed for the crime committed against this dog.

I wonder what the stance of our elected officials would be if they were asked to help find justice for Justice. I wonder if people would demand action if those officials said it was better to do nothing.

I wonder if the unions and the victim’s assistance programs and all the rest of the organizations and groups that I have reached out to and been told they can’t help, I wonder if for this dog the same would be true.

The sad thing for me – and for our families – I know that it would not be the same. For the dog there could be justice.

I hope this beautiful little creature gets better. I hope the inhumanity that he was subject to has no lasting effects. I hope he isn’t scared of all people because of the actions of the one who did this. I hope somehow he knows and feels that there is love for him.

I wish Justice could be my dog now. He would be safe and healthy. He could sit beside me on the couch and remind me that if justice can be had for him it can be had for Molly.

Justice would have made a perfect puppy for Molly.



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