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If the rights of a woman and the life she carries are inseparable, and for the sake of a woman’s right to determine her own body’s reproductive fate we must deny an unborn human access to human rights in their entirety, how can the same be true when a woman has made a clear and inarguable choice to become a mother to the life she carries?

Why then is it not the mother who bestows the rights of a human on the life that SHE chooses? Why do we continue to fallaciously call it ‘her’ choice?

In the instance of Cassie and Molly, this was not a woman’s choice. First it was the choice of a violent homicidal maniac. Now it is the choice of our government and our judicial systems.

What once was thought of as “progressive” has been revealed by our tragedy as anything but. The inalienable and natural rights of life need to be observed – and if those rights begin with a woman’s choice – then let’s make it so.

There is a way. I will scream it from the top of a mountain because Cassie cannot.

There is a way, and until we find it – what we call ‘her choice’ is not truly her choice at all.

-Molly’s Father

July 10th, 2014. The day  we believed the choice was consecrated.

From July 10th, 2014. The day we both believed the choice to be consecrated.

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