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Please share this video. It is important to expose the flaw in our Canadian legal system that allows a violent man to hide behind what we are calling a “women’s right” when he murders her unborn child. Should it be anyone’s choice but hers?

It is a fallacy to think that such a law cannot be made without affecting a woman’s choice.  With language and consideration, we can create a law to accomplish exactly what it is intended to. What is the agenda of the ones who say we cannot differentiate between homicide and abortion?

The reality is – her choice should only ever be hers – and their murderer should be held accountable for the full reality of his crime. There are two lives he erased, there should be two lives he is held accountable for.

Until there is a law that protects her choice when she chooses to become a mother, women’s rights have not been fully accomplished.

It is important to remember Cassie and Molly. It is important for people that didn’t know them personally to see that they are real. This is not just another story in the newspaper. This is not a “pro-life” initiative. This is an injustice that can – and has happened in Canada before. It will continue to happen until we can create a law against it.

It is a call to actions for all Canadians, men and women alike, who concern themselves with fact before politics and justice before status quo.

How can it not be a punishable crime to do to my daughter what was done? How can it be said that this is justice?

Please support and sign our petitions.

Molly and Cassie matter.



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