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Thursday December 10th will be one full year since the murders of Cassandra and our daughter Molly.

On this terrible anniversary, only weeks from the onset of the preliminary trial that will see the accused charged with only one life, we will be delivering petitions to the offices of our three local MP’s.

As of yet, there is no indication that they would support a law that would make the murderer of a pregnant woman criminally accountable for the life the unborn child who he has killed.

We urge them to respond, not with speculation but fact, as to why they are yet to pledge their support. Why is the outcry from the community largely being ignored by the three representatives who were put in position to represent their constituents?

But most of all, we ask them how can it be that they say they stand for the rights, choice, and protection of all woman, but then see fit to allow these things to go legally ignored for one woman in particular, Cassandra Kaake?

Molly mattered to her, when will she matter to them?

Jeff Durham (Molly’s father)
Nancy Kaake (Cassie’s mother, and Molly’s Grandmother)

Intended recipient MP’s

Brian Masse (Windsor West)

Cheryl Hardcastle (Windsor-Tecumseh)

Tracy Ramsey (Essex)

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5 thoughts on “Families of Murder Victims Plea for Support of Local MP’s

  1. Lou-Ann says:

    I don’t see where to sign?

  2. marlise says:

    Molly does matter something needs to be done about this law it needs to be put in place. Where do i sign?

    1. marlise says:

      I clicked the link i still dont see where to sign…

  3. Florent Cheff says:

    I will sign that petition, where can I do this?

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