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Another smattering of dialogue provoked by my post to an article about Justin Trudeau. I don’t expect that these encounters will necessarily help the cause in any great way, but I imagine that the ignorance, contradiction, and fear they show are a relatively accurate sample of the mindset of those opposed to making it illegal for a violent criminal to murder a baby.

As you will see, at times I am upset by the responses. I try to be logical and fair but I am human and have at times given in to the rage of it all. The comments are unedited.

But all in all, of my provocations and postings, there has not been one logical or reasonable argument why there should not be such a law created. Just perpetuated fear and misunderstanding.

People don’t seem to realize that laws are just words that we string together. It is not some kind of magical machine that creates random words that might take away our rights. We can carefully choose those words so that they accomplish exactly what they are supposed to – making it illegal for someone to kill a baby in an act of violence against their mother – something that should absolutely already be a punishable offence. Something that in most other countries is illegal – even the ones with legal abortion. It is insane that it is perfectly legal here.

This is Canada! This is 2015!

Molly and Cassie’s story is exactly why such a law is needed. It needs to be heard. And their’s is not the only story!

It isn’t hard to define the difference between abortion and homicide! Everybody knows the difference but there are those that think as though their rights will be taken away if we do define the difference.  Are they saying that they themselves are homicidal maniacs who prey on pregnant woman? I doubt it.

Bill C 484 already did just that and it could never be used against a mother. Yet there were people that irrationally opposed it. I just don’t get it.

The purpose of this posting is to give insight into the reality of this fight.

The order of the comments are how they appeared on Facebook.

My original post was this:
Jeff DurhamJeff Durham – With your leadership please help us find a way to protect pregnant woman at their most vulnerable time – with law! A woman’s choice should only ever be hers. There exists no law in Canada to protect that. Please, be the government that starts holding violent criminals accountable for the reality of their actions… It is 2015 – lets protect a woman’s choice from both ends.
These were the replies:
Edo MontyEdo Monty –Con cult troll alert.
Ren BishopRen Bishop – Sorry, Jeff. The law does not work that way. It is not really possible to pass such a law without hurting women who choose to abort -no matter how good your intentions are. And believe me, I feel your pain (and Molly’s mother’s pain). I lost a baby at term due to malpractice and was told I had no legal recourse because a fetus is not protected by human rights. I feel her pain, but there is no way to protect wanted fetuses and not unwanted ones. The risk of endangering millions of women’s rights for the rights of a few are not worth it.
Jeff DurhamJeff Durham – So what you are saying is that there is no difference between abortion and homicide? It isn’t worth defining the difference for the sake of criminalizing the actions of a man that violently takes a woman’s choice away from her?
You are suggesting that for the “risk of endangering woman’s rights” we have to continue to disregard the choice of one woman? One choice? Her choice and rights should be sacrificed?
One day the country will wake up to the contradiction of the sentiment you regurgitate.
Know that you don’t feel my pain. My daughter was murdered. Know that you don’t feel Cassie’s pain and she can’t speak of it because she is gone. Know that you can be wrong – and you are about this – and while you insist that nothing should change there is a man who not be held accountable for murdering our daughter.
I hope that you never have your rights taken without consequence to the person who took them… But maybe then you would see that fighting for them is not only “worth it,” but it is all you can do.
I don’t know your story, but I am sorry for your loss. And I believe that anyone who caused it, weather it be through malpractice of violence, should be held responsible.
Lesly ClarkeLesly Clarke – No, you are trying to open up the abortion debate with this story as sad as it is in your instance. Now it’s just sounding like a red herring. Putting this on every political post isn’t going to get anything changed, Jeff. This is a Liberal gov’t and you are NOT going to “trick” them into doing anything to hurt womens ability to choose. Your story is very sad and it’s horrible it happened to you but you perhaps need counselling to learn how to move on in your life and find joy again. I wish that for you, I do but I will fight you tooth and nail if you try to hurt womens reproductive rights.

Jeff DurhamJeff Durham
 – TRICK? My daughter was murdered you idiot! Her mother’s choice was taken without consequence! THIS WAS NOT AN ABORTION – IT WAS A HOMICIDE!
Jeff DurhamJeff Durham –Do you know that Cassie fought tooth and nail to protect her baby in a country that wouldn’t? Imagine that as a woman – no you are too selfish to see beyond your own bubble.
Ren BishopRen Bishop – I’m sorry that you lost your child too. Your anger is totally justified, but I disagree about your views on changing the law. Law and democracy are not perfect and our lost children are victims for sure. But the law cannot protect a few without putting many in danger and ours is the unwanted sacrifice for freedom in our society.

I completely understand where you are coming from and I felt that way too when I lost my son. But, when the anger and hurt start to fade, you might be able to understand where I am coming from too.
I hope that her killer gets just punishment even though our system will not provide it. I suspect that he will. May you find peace and love and forgiveness so that you may heal. And try not to take people’s resistance to your cause as a sign that we think she did not matter. She matters, even if we cannot provide direct justice for her. She matters. heart emoticon

Edo MontyEdo Monty –Jeff, seek help. You obviously can’t even tell the difference between a fetus and a baby. This is due to your brainwashing, and YOUR own SELFISH BUBBLE. Abortion is not ‘homicide’. Again, you’re confused due to your brainwashing. Seek help.

Jeff DurhamJeff Durham – Exactly Edo Monty – abortion and homicide are two different things. That is my point. And therefore they should be treated differently. But in Canada they are not. Thank you for unwittingly supporting my argument.
I hope you are lucky or good looking, because you sure are not smart or kind. I have pity for you and your family.
PS. I don’t even know what con cult is. Maybe religion and politics? I don’t ascribe to either. I find there are those that put so much credence into such things that they insist that everyone is brainwashed and all the while they are the most brainwashed of them all.

Jeff DurhamJeff Durham – Ren Bishop I’m sorry but you are wrong. To make it so our justice system defines the difference between abortion and homicide is not unreasonable and would not put “many in danger.” That is a fallacy that you and many like you have bought into. I encourage you to look deeper into the subject and not just accept the rhetoric of the special interest groups that are designed to muddy such waters.
Please understand that it is insane to me to protect the choice of most woman, and do nothing for the few whose choice has been violated. I think there is a cognitive dissonance there that you should really consider.
Law and democracy are not perfect. The world is not perfect. But to not correct that imperfection when it is not only possible but reasonable, only serves to perpetuate injustice. I hope you can see that one day.
This is Canada and it is 2015. A woman will always have her choice. This is about making it a crime when someone takes that choice from her. I hope that people like you can wake from their contradiction and decide to protect all woman alike. The choice belongs to her. ONLY HER. We need to make it so that can be true within the eyes of the law.
Molly does matter. And so does Cassie’s choice. And until the legal system acknowledges that, we are left no choice but to pursue the justice we are lacking.
It is not just about punishment. It is about our family. It is about the two of them that were taken.
I think it is sad that you will let one woman’s choice not matter because you see it as a threat to other women’s choices. I think integrity would have you fight to find a way to have every woman’s choice to be protected.

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