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This is a response to an article published by Ian Shalapata at The Square entitled “Issues Clouded For Molly Matters”

You should know that the heart of our campaign called Molly Matters is an issue that is not clouded. Not to us.

Our issue, as simply as it can be stated, is asking the Canadian government to acknowledge the difference between abortion and homicide. We are calling for a law that would make it a crime to cause harm to an unborn baby in an act of violence against the mother. Nothing more – nothing less.

As you know, my daughter was murdered along with her mother. And now, her mother’s choice is being completely ignored by our Canadian judicial system, as is the life of our daughter.

In efforts to raise awareness of this gap in our legal system, it seems there are people intent on clouding the issue with their own politics.

We are trying to have our screams of injustice heard over the clatter of abortion politics, but it has not been easy. There is a war and it rages on between the two sides, pro-choice, and pro-life – it is not our war – but somehow we are in the middle of it.

There are people that cannot differentiate between our cries and the cacophony of this war we were thrust into. There are people that act as if our tragedy is some kind of trick to give credence to either argument. I assure them, it is not.

There have been times when I have argued with the side that tells me that if I can’t say we are “pro-life”, then they can’t help us.

There have been others that demand our allegiance to the “pro-choice” side before they will consider our predicament.

But we are neither. And that is the truth. To say otherwise would be a betrayal to Molly Matters. We plead to both sides of the war to not use this tragedy as grounds to fire their next shot from, but to have enough sense to see that our battle is fundamentally in the interest of both of them.

A woman who chose life and her child were murdered. Their killer will suffer no consequence for taking Cassie’s choice or for taking Molly’s life.

Because of this war we cannot have justice – a murderer will not be held accountable for his crime – and our families have to find a way to live in a world that offers only an illusion of logic and truth and justice. I resent this war. How can there be no compromise?

You question who we will take help from and you say aligning ourselves “with ARPA, WNAL, and Life Tour could drive the support of others away for their goal.”

But what other organizations have given us a forum to speak of this injustice? It was not the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC). And they claim to be there to protect the choice of a woman. Where are they for Cassie’s choice? I would gladly shout from their forum to point out that her choice has been violated without consequence.

The purpose of Life Tour was to raise awareness about late term abortion, sex selective abortion, and unborn victims of violent crime. All of these things are legal in Canada.  And all are topics that have been ignored for the same reasons a murderer will not be held accountable for his crime – because the irrational fear of the masses outweigh their willingness have open dialog when it comes to anything about unborn babies.

Respectfully, I think to point out that these groups have religious affiliations is to detract from the need for consideration of the concerns they represent. I think it is unfair and not pertinent as news. We need a law regardless of faith or political affiliation. Some things are just right and wrong.

But if it makes people feel better to know – Molly Matters does not have any religious or political affiliations. It is based on logic and truth and justice – three things that are missing from the charges in the case of Cassandra Kaake.

Ultimately, we do not belong in this war. It is not ours. What we want is for the man who killed our baby to be held responsible for his crime. Either side is welcome to support us. And as far as I could understand, both sides of the war stand to benefit. The only loser is a murderous criminal that violently targets pregnant women.

To those that muddy these waters, I hope one day you can see that it is choice just as it is life that suffers so long as you continue. And the only beneficiary of your efforts is  a man who knowingly killed a woman and her child.

Thank you for your coverage and honest article.


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3 thoughts on “Re: Issues Clouded for Molly Matters

  1. Jenn Sadai says:

    I’m a strong pro-choice advocate and was unsure how I could support your cause and still stay true to my own beliefs. I understand your stance better now and will do what I can to help you win this fight!

  2. Hi Jeff. Would you be willing to do an interview with me about your struggle? It may help get your message out. You can call me in the newsroom at 519-258-3434. I have an assignment at 8:30 but I should be back in the newsroom by 10am this morning.

    I look forward to speaking with you.


  3. Maryse says:

    Well said and explained Jeff. Hopefully people can open their eyes and understand.

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