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Cassandra Ashley Kaake

Cheryl Bau-Tremblay

Olivia Marie Talbot

C.J. Fowler

These pregnant women were murdered in Canada. Each one of them chose to love and nurture the baby that they carried. Each one of them had that choice taken away by a man. Each man only received one charge of murder despite the reality that he took two human lives with his unthinkable actions.

As you sit down with your families on this Canadian Thanksgiving, think of the eight empty seats that this picture represents, and know that only four of those seats could be accounted for by our criminal justice system.

Molly would be nine months and maybe tasting cranberries and turkey for the first time.

Lane Jr. would be ten.

CJ’s child would be almost three.

Cheryl would be preparing to give birth any time now…

To not charge a murderer of a pregnant woman is to deny the reality of a horrible crime.
It leaves a woman at her most vulnerable unprotected and exposed by our legal system.
It neglects to protect her right to choose to have a baby.
It ignores a family’s loss that has planned for that life.
It allows the most despicable homicidal degenerate immunity for their crime of killing a child.


In Canada if a mother kills her baby the day after it is born, it is called infanticide and is punishable by up to five years in prison. But – if a homicidal man kills her baby the day before it is born – there is no law that he can be charged with for the crime committed against that baby’s life.

Canada is the only democratic country in the world that is like this.


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One thought on “Meanwhile, in Canada – no law exists to protect the choice of these women.

  1. Anita Teixeira says:

    The worst thing any person can do is harm a baby. There is no victim that is more helpless and vulnerable. Canada needs to implement stricter laws against those who hurt or take the lives of innocent babies and children.

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