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Brian Masse has stated that he will not give his support to Molly Matters. He will not take the time to help create a law that makes it illegal for a violent criminal to take the life of an unborn child.
He cannot see beyond his political comfort zone to what is appallingly apparent: A person who, in an act of homicidal violence, kills a woman’s unborn baby will get away with that murder. A woman’s choice to have an abortion and a criminal’s choice to kill a her baby are two dramatically different things – but he doesn’t think so.

He will only support a woman’s choice if she chooses an abortion, but if she chooses to keep her baby he will not help create a law that would protect them both.

It truly disgusts me that justice for such a blatantly malevolent act can be disregarded by you – Mr Masse – for the sake of maintaining the status quo of a system that will allow such a crime to go unpunished. It is a sign of weak leadership that you will not take the time to support what is beyond the periphery your party’s platform.

You say, “The issue of creating a fetal homicide law so that murder charges can be laid for the death of the fetus is complex. Creating such a law would be an unconstitutional infringement on women’s rights and would likely result in harms against pregnant women.”

Are you at all aware of your contradiction?

Do you know what harms pregnant woman? A system that allows for crimes perpetrated against their legal choices.

I understand that the politics in regards to making this change can be a tangled web. But is it your response to cancel Christmas when you pull the lights out to find they are in a jumbled mess?

You are supposed to represent your constituents. Instead you support maintaining a system that is flawed enough to let someone get away with murder. You support and perpetuate the notion that it is better to do nothing. And that to punish such violent crimes against pregnant women and their babies would “infringe on the rights of women.”

You have said that you and your party are devoted to women’s rights. What about her right to choose to have a baby? When that is taken away, what rights are you supporting?

You are not fooling me.

Jeff Durham

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3 thoughts on “Brian Masse and NDP and Frank Schiller of Liberals do not support Molly Matters

    1. Jeff Durham says:

      First of all – not a single one of these links that you provided has a single thing to do with Brian Masse.
      Secondly – you say he “support woman everywhere” – just not the one whose choice was violently taken away from her in his own riding?
      And finally – Not a single one of your links has to do with PRE-BORN VICTIMS OF VIOLENT CRIME.
      You are perpetuating an irrational fear. You are thoughtlessly buying into the fear based rhetoric at the cost of a woman’s right to choose – CASSIE. You are suggesting daughter’s killer not be charged with the crime. You are suggesting that there be no consequence for someone taking away her right to choose.
      Please – read the actual bill – not opinions of it but its words. It could never be used in any way against a woman who was pregnant.
      Please make your decision not from your own fear – but from education of facts – and from courage – like that of Cassie’s when she died protecting a life that our laws didn’t.

  1. Jeff Durham says:

    His opponents could be David Sundin (Lib) and Larry Horwitz (Con), but as of today, there are still no officially announced candidates running against him.

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