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In December of last year Cassandra Kaake and our baby Molly were brutally slain inside the house where they lived. For almost two months they could not find a killer. Now they have someone in custody accused of this unimaginably heinous act of violence. He is only charged with one count of murder.

Our baby Molly was only weeks away from delivery.  Molly was a fully developed human being. She needed those few remaining weeks to gain a little baby weight, but could have survived without it.

Cassie was an excellent woman. I’ve never seen someone so happy to be bringing a new life into this world as she was. She chose the name Molly as soon as she found out it was a girl. She was just over seven months pregnant when this happened. She spent that day planning her baby shower with her friend. It was her first child that died with her that night – my daughter.

In this country it is not a crime for a homicidal maniac to take the life of an unborn child. It could have been done on the way to the hospital and the result would have been the same. The person convicted of this unthinkable crime will not receive so much as a parking ticket for erasing my daughter’s life.

I will not accept this.

I think it is a grave injustice that there exist no law, in a civilized and supposedly forward thinking democracy such as Canada, to protect the unborn child of a pregnant woman against an intentional and brutal murder by a third party homicidal offender.

Regardless of anyone’s personal stance on abortion, it is unimaginable and sad when it is implied that there isn’t a way that we as people would be unable to string together some carefully considered words to create a law that at least reflects the difference between a women’s personal choice and a violent homicidal maniac making that choice for her.

This is an insult to justice, just as it has been a personal insult to every friend and family member of Cassie and Molly’s. We are the people that loved them. We are the ones that planned for their future. We are the ones that have to find a way to continue living without the both of them. In Canada we have to do it without justice for Molly.

We want to see that changed.

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We have created Molly Matters as a way of coping with this injustice. Our plan so far is this:

First, we wish to create awareness that a violent criminal is not held accountable for a crime committed against an unborn baby in Canada.

Second, we want to create a resource and support system for victims like ourselves who feel re-victimized by the absence of such a law. We wish to create a forum for which we could openly consider the implications of all opinions and concerns, and a resource for facts regarding such cases.

And third, and ultimately, we want to see that the law is changed so that it will protect a mother and her unborn baby from the violent act of a third party and make it so that criminals can be held accountable for the full, and true impact of their actions.

Our intention is to establish our cause as separate from both pro-life and from pro-choice. It is my adamant opinion that the need for a law in these circumstances exists independently of either side of abortion politics.

A mother and her baby should be legally protected against violent criminals.

I understand that some people will snap to judgement and say that creating a law would open a back door that will one day make abortions illegal. I understand that others would want a back door for that very purpose. What I ask is for everyone to look first at the context of right and wrong. Before opinions, and politics – look at Molly. Look at the monster that took her, knowingly, intentionally, who will suffer no consequence for it. Now ask yourself if this is right or wrong? Where is the justice?

Molly Matters was born of these horrible circumstances. But from them an opportunity has presented itself to correct our flawed legal system. It is one aspect of this nightmare that we have control over. We intend to have our voices heard – Molly’s voice.

There are two petitions. One that is an officially approved government document that calls for the creation of a new law, so that a violent crime against the mother causing harm or death to her baby can be a legally punishable offence.

The other petition is online at It calls for the reconsideration of Bill C-484, the unborn victims of crime act. It has served well to promote awareness to our cause, but the reality of presenting such a petition formally is still unclear to us.

I ask everyone to sign and share them both regardless. They are separate and equally important to our cause. is a site where opinions and conversations from opposing sides can collaborate to find a solution. We have a sister website, where monetary donations can be made. Both sites have printable petitions available.

It is all still happening and unfolding for us. It is still very fresh. It is all still very unknown and scary. It is all still very difficult but I want to represent my daughter and Cassie the best that I can and make it so no one has to experience this nightmare the way that I have. Creating a law is imperative to that.
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  1. Karissa says:

    Jeff – you are fighting an uphill battle, but I have so much respect for you. I wish you every success and will continue to follow your journey. You have my full support.

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